Meet The Staff

Demaris Fisher - Owner

Owning a small business is something that I fell into and have enjoyed for over 25 years now. The reason why I appreciate what I do and enjoy coming to work is because of my employees and customers.

Teresa Anderson - Manager

Teresa has dedicated 18 years to Seasons and is in charge of the day to day business of the nursery. Her job doesn’t end in the office, as you will see her giving great and informative garden advice. Her talent for design flourishes in setting Season’s gift shop displays as well as creating innovative garden  designs. As a people person, Teresa is quick witted, always bringing solutions to problems.

Leonardo Magana - Plant Manager

Leonardo is always willing to do whatever we ask. Definitely our “go-to-guy”, he is a devoted employee and very talented in many areas. If it needs fixing, Leonardo can do it!

Leonel Lerma - Plant Manager

Customer service isn’t the only thing necessary in a garden center. Plant stock needs constant Tender Loving Care and WATER! Leonel doesn’t get the credit he deserves for the care and maintenance it takes to keep us growing. He has devoted 20 years to Seasons and plays a large part in our success.

Maria Lerma - Sales Manager

Small business owners know that personal attention and customer care are what sets them apart from the competition. Maria offers over 20 years of nursery experience to Season’s customers. Dependable and hard-working, Maria is known for her friendly, professional customer service and vast knowledge of horticulture.

Toni Stubbs - Customer Service

Toni brings practicality to gardening with her common sense approach. Her knowledge in the technical aspects of gardening, insecticides and fertilizers runs deep. She is a valued employee that brings years of experience to the table.

Liz Hofacket - Customer Service

Liz loves Seasons and working with our amazing customers! She’s great with plant selection and can give you timely tips for creating and maintaining your dream garden!

Cindy Adams - Customer Service and Social Media

As a self-acknowledged “Plant Nerd”, Cindy loves to share with others her love of all things horticulture. From Annuals to Xeriscape, she can help you with your gardening and landscaping needs. She invites you to follow Seasons Home and Garden on Facebook and Pinterest for fun and informative updates and ideas.